About Troy

Fashion and Model photographer Troy Christopher is an American east coast photographer and has been taking photos since his childhood in his small hometown, Old Lyme, Connecticut.

Photography has been Troy’s passion for many years, and each day is, for him, a chance to further develop his talent and expertise in his chosen field. Troy’s father, himself an accomplished, though unpublished photographer, introduced him to the art and artistry of photography, and instilled in him a particular love of capturing the images of the world around him in a most unique and vivid way. As a young child, both Troy and his father travelled the country from coast to coast, attempting to reproduce the world they observed in a way that would convey the wonder and beauty of what they’d seen to others. As a result, Troy has always found original and memorable ways to capture scenic images, that tell the story of the world wrapped around them.

Troy has spent his professional life drawing on the experiences and techniques of the friends he’s found along the way, from his hometown and the east coast, to the west coast, and beyond to locations and destinations worldwide. Each one has provided inspiration, in unique and specific ways to help him develop his art to the quality and high standards of the recognized professional he has become. Collaboration with a community of professional colleagues has proven to be critical to his success, and each photo shoot becomes a learning experience, and an opportunity to hone his skills and develop his technique in his constant quest to demonstrate his mastery and proficiency in the images he creates.

As the sole photographer at TroyChristopher Photography, Troy provides a consistent, personalized experience with his customers from a project’s inception to its completion. The professional freelance work Troy exhibits at TroyChristopher.com is a demonstration of his passion in its highest form, and he strives to improve and expand his portfolio daily with each new image that he captures.

TroyChristopher is especially committed to his models, providing reassurance, guidance, and instruction, to enable building a comprehensive portfolio from concept to production. He provides each model with the individuality and adaptation necessary for a true personalized experience, and the professionalism and technical skill to realize the best possible outcome of each project.


“TroyChristopher; a Friend, a mentor, a professional.  Throughout all of troy’s endeavors in life, which never cease to amaze me, he carries the same attitude and courtesy with him at all times.  His friendship is unbreakable, a thousand miles away or an across town drive, he is there and always willing to help out.”

“When Troy is taking a break from making the community an even better place, he can be found engulfing himself in his passions. With a keen eye for greatness troy captures amazing photographs of a variety of scenes. Troy does it all, and has the skills to do it all; from his work with the NOH8 campaign across the US, to coastal sunsets on the beaches of Old Lyme.Troy is a great photographer, a great friend and an amazing person.”